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Our unique college guidance and counseling services provide both academic and wellness support to empower young women through the discovery of their own personal paths. Venus Consulting believes in a balance of academic and personal growth and serves as a holistic support system before and during the college experience.

Venus Consulting, a Los Angeles college counseling services group, provides private and independent college admissions and career counseling services

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Venus Consulting is a Los Angeles, California-based college counseling and guidance group that empowers teen girls and college women to excel

"As strong, smart, compassionate women, it is our responsibility to help the next generation achieve their potential as women and as individuals."

- Shelli Wright, Author, The New Pink

Services We Provide for Teen Girls, College Women, Parents and School Counselors

Venus Education and Wellness Consulting is proudly committed and dedicated to the empowerment of teen girls and young college women. As a young woman begins to consider her individual path and future, it is not only important to address her academic needs but also to develop a strong sense of self-awareness and self-esteem.

Venus Consulting was founded by Anea Bogue and is proud to offer 40 combined years of education, teaching and wellness experience and college admissions counseling expertise. Venus' services focus on customized academic support, college preparation and search, college admissions and guidance counseling and life coaching programs for teen girls while constantly providing personal wellness support. Without balancing academic pursuit and achievement with personal wellness, a young woman jeopardizes her ability to successfully navigate the challenge of her adolescent world.

We also offer support to parents who often find themselves at a loss to be the providers of both a quality education and adequate personal support for their daughters.

In addition, Venus Education and Wellness Consulting strives to support high school college counselors who do not have enough time or resources available to manage every student guidance request. Venus will begin working with a client as early as 9th grade to create a customized college portfolio and ensure a smooth and successful transition to a college of her choice.

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