College Guidance Counseling, Academic and Wellness Support in Los Angeles

Venus means "bringer of light" in Greek
Venus represents the female

At Venus we strive to nurture an awareness of the inherent power of the feminine spirit.

Venus Consulting is a unique service, providing academic and wellness support and college guidance counseling services for young women entering or preparing to enter college. We believe in a balance of academic and personal growth and serve as a holistic support system before and during the college experience.

Our goal is to inspire young women to discover and achieve their personal and academic potential today and in the future; to encourage strong choices now so they HAVE abundant academic, personal and career options tomorrow.

Anea Bogue in Smart Family Magazine, August, 2009:
In Her Words: Protecting Self-Esteem in Adolescent Girls

"The goal, I believe, and my greatest wish for my daughter
and every adolescent girl, is that they make it through
without losing themselves or their self-esteem in the process."


Anea Bogue leads the Venus team which offers over 40 years of combined experience and training in academic and personal guidance and includes over a decade of college admissions experience and college coaching expertise.

Anea, herself, has dedicated more than 15 years, both in and out of the classroom, to the empowerment of teen girls and women through academic and personal guidance as well as college coaching.

"Every young female coming into herself deserves a mentor, another woman, who provides powerful inspiration and steadfast support in an environment of structure and consistency. Anea Bogue is one of these women. Her wisdom and guidance drives women to grow, to love themselves, and to succeed. Anea has been a constant light and support for countless young women who might not be where they are today without her passionate dedication."

- former client, Lauren Stower