College Entrance Counseling and Support

Our clients come from across the country and across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans to begin their college experiences in Southern California. When the decision is made that their college years will be spent in Los Angeles, young women and their parents contact Venus Consulting to provide transitional, academic and wellness support.

For our freshman college clientele, we provide transitional assistance in the form of college prep and entrance counseling as they enter the adult world of a post-secondary institution, in many cases, while being far from the comfort of home. From the moment a Venus client arrives in the Los Angeles area, we provide a sense of comfort, safety and support. Once she has settled into her dorm or other place of residence, we then support her, both academically and personally, in creating a strong, grounded freshman year that, in turn, creates a solid foundation for her remaining years in college.

Services We Provide to Our College Clientele