→ 3.2 million

Number of high school seniors competing for entrance into colleges around the nation.

→ $110,000

Average investment for a
4 year private college.

→ $45,000

Average investment for a
4 year public college.

Los Angeles College Preparation Consultants for High School Girls

Within the greater Los Angeles area, Venus Consulting provides academic support and college prep, search, application and admissions consulting services to teen girls in grades 9-12 and teen girls in their freshman year of college.

For our high school girls preparing for college entrance, we develop custom and comprehensive college portfolios and focus on developing study skills, time management skills, extracurricular activities management, and self-esteem building. Our goal as college preparation, entrance and search consultants is to assist each client in getting into her "best-fit" college, in turn increasing the likelihood of a successful and memorable college experience. Our attention to a client’s academic and wellness needs ensures the best college options and personal empowerment to succeed once she gets there.

In addition, we support college counselors in high schools who frequently face unmanageable caseloads, making it challenging or impossible to provide individualized guidance to each and every student who needs it. College counselors working with senior girls around the nation and globe also use us as a resource for students who will be attending one of many colleges in the greater Los Angeles area.