Los Angeles Homeschooling Programs with Anea Bogue

Venus Consulting is convinced, through experience, research and years of client feedback, that combining individualized academic counseling with wellness counseling improves a young woman's chances of sustained educational, career and personal success.

Understanding the Traditional School System

I always remind the parents of potential clients that the traditional school system was designed during the Industrial Revolution to create a punctual and obedient work force. It was not designed to nurture the minds and spirits of the artists, free thinkers, and revolutionaries who bring balance and change to our culture and society. In adolescence, those who are part of the latter group experience this reality as failure and over time, deep wounds can be created. These wounds affect self-esteem, create a perception of self as incapable or unworthy of success and ultimately act as obstacles to success even after the hormones and their effects have subsided when one enters adulthood.

Custom, Independent Homeschooling Study Programs

In my experience, for those who are not able to reach their potential in the traditional school setting for whatever reasons, a custom created, independent homeschooling study program is an option with which I have experienced tremendous success.

In an independent homeschooling program with a custom-created curriculum, the female student no longer has to navigate the chaotic and sometimes unrealistic expectations of five or more teachers and thus, five different sets of daily assignments, deadlines and expectations. She also no longer has to work at fitting herself into a traditional system that, generally speaking, does not recognize nor affirm who she is as an individual. Furthermore, she no longer has to deal with what is for her, a daily challenge of finding balance between social time and academic time because they are clearly separate. Most often, school work is completed almost exclusively during school time and when it is done, important adolescent personal and social time can be had without guilt or anxiety of failing in the academic realm.

Most importantly, the student receives, in dealing one-on-one with a person who comes to know her strengths and weaknesses as an individual, constant affirmation of who she is as an individual, a growing awareness of what unique offerings she has for society and constant and focused nurturing as she continues to travel the adolescent (and lifelong) path of self discovery. Often, she is not fully aware that the latter is going on, she just begins to feel over time, as grades get better and she receives positive feed back, affirmation and guidance, more confident about all aspects of her being. This, in turn, impacts the choices she makes academically and socially and creates a positive momentum for further growth, improvement and a sense of empowerment within her life.

Venus Consulting provides homeschooling programs, curriculum and resources in Los Angeles, California

The Student’s Relationship with Her Parents

The student’s relationship with her parents usually improves dramatically as the weight of looming "failure" is lifted off the shoulders of the client and her parents. Parents become less taxed because someone "outside" the situation is now guiding their daughter and they begin feeling relief with the renewed hope of a bright future with options for their daughter.

I would like to emphasize that part of my goal, because I realize how exhausted parents usually are by the time they bring me onto the scene, is to relieve as much stress and daily responsibility for the academic welfare of their daughter as possible. It has been my experience that even the best parents only have so much energy. When the bulk of it is spent worrying and trying to be a mediator between multiple teachers, principals, tutors and their daughter, there is little energy left to just love and support their daughter on her journey through the choppy waters of adolescence. Thus, though I am in regular, daily contact with parents and always accessible via phone and email outside of school time, I take on the responsibility of overseeing all aspects of a client’s academic needs and will constantly monitor and provide feedback both in terms of her academic and personal progress along with any concerns I have.

Parents no longer need to be the "bad guys", harping with legitimate frustration at their daughter’s less than adequate academic performance in spite of what they know her to be capable of achieving. If there is a particular aspect of her academic and/or personal wellness and growth for which parental support is specifically needed, I will communicate clearly what this would entail. Often, it is as simple as having a copy of a daily check list of tasks or smaller assignments the student has been asked to perform outside of her meeting time with me so that Mom or Dad may give a gentle nudge or at the very least show an awareness of the tasks for which she is responsible outside of school hours.

A Confident, Empowered Young Woman

My most fundamental goal is always to inspire recognition within a client of her inherent strength, beauty and complexity as a young woman. Adolescence for girls often feels as if an alien has taken over her entire being. She, like her parents, wonders to where her sense of confidence, determination and self-love has disappeared. She feels lost and overwhelmed by the intensity of her ever-changing emotions and perceptions of self and world. While academics are the overt focus, my time and energy with a client is equally (though more subtly) focused on healing and growth emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In time, a gradual nurturing of the young woman to remember who she is and of what she is capable of accomplishing in the world takes place and as graduation approaches she is closer than ever to feeling like she has the courage and tools to begin making responsible choices in the world from a place of strength.

When and Where Does Homeschooling Study Take Place?

While home schooling most typically takes place in the client’s home, when appropriate, alternate arrangements are made to find and utilize a regular meeting place outside the home. A full course load of classes usually requires a minimum four day school week.

Minimal Homeschooling Clientele

Each year, I commit to working with only one or two clients in this capacity. I keep the number of girls I work with to a minimum so that I may provide adequate time and support for each client’s unique and individual needs. Whether or not I work with a potential client is determined through a combination of "first come, first served", my sense of connection with the young woman, and to what degree I feel I can be of assistance on her unique journey. A Custom, Independent Homeschooling Study Program is not the appropriate path for everyone. Thus, I will not recommend this path unless I feel it is absolutely appropriate.

High School Credit and College Eligibility

I work with two primary Independent Homeschooling Study Programs, both of which are high school accredited and upon graduation, make a student eligible to attend the college of her choice (grades pending, of course). It has also been my experience that some private and alternative schools will provide curriculum for the student to complete on an independent basis, with my supervision and regular contact with teachers.

College Counseling

As part of Venus Education & Wellness Consulting’s services, upon request, a step-by-step plan will be developed to guide the homeschooling client through the creation of a custom college portfolio, the application process to "best fit" colleges, preparation for SAT and ACT tests as well as career exploration and college transitioning when the time is appropriate.