Los Angeles College Guidance, Admissions, Search and Prep Counselors

A Unique Service

Venus Education & Wellness Consulting provides college preparation and admissions guidance through academic support, college "best-fit" searches, career assessment, college essay writing, interview skills and more, for young women entering or preparing to enter college. It is our goal to assist school counselors and parents in providing support to the teen girls and young women they are guiding toward bright, fulfilling futures.

At Venus Consulting, we strive to inspire young women to discover and achieve their personal and academic potentials. Through a balance of academic and wellness guidance and support, we provide the tools for making strong choices today so that our clients have abundant academic, personal and career opportunities tomorrow.

High School College Prep Counseling

Within the greater Los Angeles Area, we provide high school college prep counseling to high school girls in grades 9-12. We also assist college counselors in high schools who face what are frequently unmanageable caseloads. One of our primary goals is the co-creation of custom, strong and comprehensive college portfolios for each of our clients. However, we also serve as an essential resource to college counselors working with senior girls around the nation who will be attending one of many colleges in the greater Los Angeles area.

College Academics and Wellness Counseling

For our freshman college girls coming to live in Los Angeles for the first time, Venus Consulting provides college academics and wellness counseling as well as needed transitional assistance as they enter the adult world of a post-secondary institution. In many cases, these young women are far from the comforts of home. From the moment a Venus client arrives in the Los Angeles area, we strive to provide a sense of comfort, safety and support. Once she has settled into her dorm or alternative place of residence, we then support her, both academically and personally, in creating a strong, grounded freshman year that, in turn, creates a solid foundation for her remaining years in college.

Self Esteem Development Programs

It is important that teen girls and college women be supported both academically and personally. Venus' scademic support programs include everything from access to the most qualified tutors to development of strong organizational skills, time management and study skills as well as essay-writing skills. Our personal or "wellness" guidance programs, also known as self-esteem development programs, take the form of one-on-one or group workshops that emphasize self-esteem, body image and health education, empowerment, sexual harassment and self-discovery through art, just to name a few.

Los Angeles Homeschooling Programs with Anea Bogue

Venus Consulting has had the privilege of working with hundreds of teen girls as they prepare for college. We thoroughly understand the traditional public school system, why it was created and what its underlying curriculum was intended to produce. At times, the traditional approach to education is not compatible with a teen girl's needs as she navigates the challenging world of adolescence. Therefore, we offer independent homeschooling programs with custom-created curricula for each client. In working with a homeschool teacher and mentor, the client not only receives one-on-one personal academic guidance but also receives personal and wellness support so that a growing awareness of who she is as an individual is achieved and sustained.